Bridgeport Location Information


Bridgeport as one of the four most ethnically diverse neighborhoods in Chicago. CNN referred to the area as one of the “coolest neighborhoods in Chicago” and it was named “a haven for artists and creative types” by Choose Chicago. A traditionally working-class neighborhood on Chicago’s South Side, Bridgeport is proud to boast that five Chicago mayors were born within its borders. Bridgeport has a long history of being a hotbed for city politics. The neighborhood also claims one of Major League Baseball’s oldest franchises, the Chicago White Sox. As one of the oldest neighborhoods in Chicago, Bridgeport has long established itself as a staple in the Chicago food scene and is home to the breaded steak sandwich, a Chicago original that still draws visitors to the city. Bridgeport is bounded on the north by the South Branch of the Chicago River, on the west by Bubbly Creek, on the south by Pershing Road, and on the east by the Union Pacific railroad tracks. Neighboring communities are Pilsen across the river to the north, McKinley Park to the west, Canaryville to the south, and Armour Square to the east.