As mentioned in the first video (“How hard is it to get a real estate license?”), here are some sample questions from our Chapter Quizzes…

1. Which of the following best defines the “law of agency”?
(a) The selling of another’s property by an authorized agent
(b) The rules of law that apply to the responsibilities of a person who acts for another
(c) The principles that govern one’s conduct in business
(d) The rules and regulations of the state’s licensing agency

2. Upon discovering a latent defect in the property, the licensee should discuss the problem with the seller and then:
(a) Notify the seller that the defect must be repaired
(b) Arrange for the repairs himself or herself
(c) Inform any prospective buyers of the defect
(d) Contact the city building inspector about the defect

3. An owner of a house wants to carpet 2 rooms. Each room measures 15’ x 18’. The cost of the carpeting is $21 per square yard. How much did the carpeting cost?
(a) $810
(b) $1,260
(c) $2,280
(d) $3,780

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