Gift Certificate


Gift Certificates Are Available!

Want to get your Real Estate license, but just a little short on funds? Want to ask for help from family or friends, but not sure how to go about it? We can help!

This holiday season, why not take a bold step toward the future you’ve been dreaming of?! What you REALLY want is not another pair of warm gloves (though those would be nice!), you want to find a way to get your license NOW – not in 6 months, when the rest of the world is jumping into the industry. Even though $600 isn’t a lot to invest in an entirely new career, it would be nice if your friends and family could contribute a little (or a lot!) to your registration costs.

And now they can! CRES Gift Certificates are available in any amount, from $10 to $599 (the price of our Platinum Package). We’ve made it easy to ask for it as well – just send this link (click here) to anyone who might be willing to support you. And yes, you can even use Gift Certificates in conjunction with our Payment Plan! (The discount will be applied to your final payment.)


How Does It Work?

Click on this link, and you’ll see that they can specify whatever dollar amount they want, and purchase the Gift Certificate instantly from our website. They’ll be sent a coupon code, which they can give you at gift-giving time, or have it emailed to you immediately on purchase. You don’t have to know which course you want to attend right now – the Gift Certificate is good for a full year, and it’s even refundable, if you decide not to attend during that timeframe! (We’d refund the original purchaser – that way, they won’t worry about buying you a gift that you aren’t able to use.)
What if you want to sign up for a class right now, but would like to ask for Gift Certificates for Christmas? Any student who registers between Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day will be able to apply a Gift Certificate retroactively. In other words, if you register, then someone gives you a Gift Certificate, we’ll refund you that amount, by applying a credit to whatever card you used when registering!
To use the Gift Certificate(s), you’ll click on the link in the email which is sent either to the purchaser or to you directly. You can use as many Gift Certificates as you like, so be sure to tell everyone what you REALLY want for the Holidays!


What’s the Next Step?

CRES Gift Certificates are available in any amount, from $10 to $599 (the price of our Platinum Package). We’ve made it easy to ask for it as well – just share this link (click here) with anyone who might be willing to support you – parents, grandparents, aunts/uncles, mentors, friends, anyone who wants to see you succeed! You can email it to them with a note such as, “If you’re wondering what I really want for Christmas, take a look at the link below. I’m going after my Real Estate license, and if you feel like helping, that would be awesome!”
This is the perfect time to ask for “a gift with purpose”. And by letting people know that you’re entering the field of Real Estate, you’re already starting to market yourself – who knows, your first Real Estate deal may come from someone whom you tell about this Gift Certificate opportunity!

If you have any questions about CRES Gift Certificates, just use LiveChat at the bottom of this screen, or call us during our phone support hours (see bottom of page). We’re here to help you achieve your goals!