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You Could Give the Gift of a New Career!

You’re seeing this page because someone you care about wants to improve their life, by committing to a career in Real Estate.

It’s a big commitment – both time (it’s a 90-hour course, involving LOTS of study), and cost. Our Platinum Package, with numerous additional study aids, is $599 – we’re not the cheapest school, but our success rate (over 90% pass the exam on the first try) and online reviews (for instance, on Google and Yelp) speak for themselves. We encourage you to check out the rest of our website as well, to get a sense of why The Chicago Real Estate School is the obvious choice for anyone serious about Real Estate.


How Can You Help?

The person who sent you this link is hoping that you’ll purchase a Gift Certificate for them, in any amount (from $10 to $599), to help them cover the cost of the school. They’re hoping that you’ll want to give a meaningful gift this holiday season, one that will impact the rest of their life!
You can have the coupon code emailed to you, or directly to the recipient (with a message), and it can be used for any class they choose to sign up for in the next year. Worried that they may not register, and your money would be wasted? That’s understandable, so CRES is willing to make this extraordinary offer: you may ask for a refund of an unused Gift Certificate, for up to a full year!
With no risk, and the potential to help the person who sent you this link to achieve their dreams, why not take action right now? Click on the button below to get started!