How much does it cost to go to real estate school in Illinois?

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You might be surprised how little it costs to get your real estate license in Illinois. There’s just one course that you need to take – it’s called the 90-hour Pre-license Course. There is no other education required in order to get your license. (For a list of the requirements, click here.) You may take the pre-license course at colleges/universities, as well as at specialized Real Estate Schools like ours (naturally, we hope you’ll choose us!) As for the cost, you can find some online courses for as little as $300, and some offer the course for over $800. CRES has three packages, ranging from $559 to $599. What matters, of course, is which school is going to help you PASS the state test! CRES isn’t the cheapest, but that’s because we pay our instructors well, in order to get the best people in front of our classes!

Other costs to get a real estate license

In addition to the class, you’ll pay $55 for the real estate exam, and $125 for the license itself (both of those are paid to the state, not the school.) That’s it – for an investment of less than $800, you can get your real estate license! Naturally, there will be other costs once you get started, as with any business, but compared to starting a business in most industries, real estate is amazingly affordable.

How do I register for real estate school?

It’s really just a matter of signing up. If you’d like to join the Chicago Real Estate School, we recommend starting with the “Become An Agent” tab in our main navigation. You can complete the whole sign-up process here on our website – we accept credit or debit cards (or cash in-person at our offices). We also offer a Payment Plan which breaks the roughly $600 investment into three payments – click here for details. By the way, if you’re considering other schools, be sure to read the details of their payment plans carefully – they may have lower payments, but they often charge significant interest, and you may still be paying after the class is over. The Chicago Real Estate School does not charge interest – just a one-time $20 payment plan fee, and there’s no credit approval required.

Got other questions?

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