real estate LICENSING process


Once you’ve completed the 90-hour Broker Pre-license Course, and passed the Illinois Real Estate Exam, it’s time to get your license!

The first step is to find a Sponsoring Broker – in other words, to “get hired”. You have up to one year to do so, and CRES will help you find one – in fact, we guarantee it! Your Sponsoring Broker will issue a sponsor card, good for 45 days, during which time you can begin selling. Your Sponsor will fill out paperwork and sent it into the State of Illinois, along with your Transcript (which proves that you passed the course), and your $125 licensing fee. If you need a copy of your CRES Transcript, simply email

“What an amazing experience I’ve had these past two weeks! My instructor Danette Foster is the best!! Very helpful, passionate, caring, and kind. Her approach to teaching the class made it really enjoyable. Everyday she graciously shared relevant stories, practices, her experiences, and wisdom to help prepare us for the field. She kept the class engaged, mixing in humor here and there to keep it fun. I’M SO GLAD I chose this school and her as my instructor! Thank you CRES & Danette for preparing me for a career in real estate!! See you in the field…maybe on the other side of a closing table!”

Aaron G - August 9, 2017

Once you have your license, you may practice Real Estate anywhere in Illinois. If you want to practice in another state, you must fulfill that state’s requirements. There is one exception: for those states which have reciprocity with Illinois, you merely need to take and pass that state’s exam, without taking any further education. Illinois has reciprocity with the following states: Florida, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Indiana, Georgia, Connecticut, and Colorado.

You will need to renew your license every two years. For your first renewal you will take the 30 hour post-license class. For every renewal after that you only need to take the 12 hour continuing education course.

It all starts with the 90-hour Broker Pre-license Course. If you have any questions, we’d love to speak with you – just call or text us at (773-647-1830), or use the “LiveChat” at the bottom of this page!