Lakeview Location Information


Lakeview is one of Chicago’s most sought-after neighborhoods. It is the second largest neighborhood in the city and has gained the reputation of being a prime real estate destination in Chicago. Its proximity to the Loop and Lake Michigan, as well as its excellent shopping, dining and recreation options continue to attract many real estate buyers. Lakeview is a combination of retro and trendy. Its streets are lined with vintage buildings and contemporary high-rise structures that blend seamlessly to create an eclectic appeal. Despite the relatively high cost of living in this area, many real estate buyers still find Lakeview real estate a sound investment. Many consider this area a good place to settle and raise a family, primarily due to the diversity that it offers. One can find a lovely Lakeview property on a quiet street that is just a few minutes away from the main commercial district. Two of the Chicago’s rapid transit stations are in Lakeview – Addison Station and Belmont Station. The CTA also operates several buses in Lakeview which run every few minutes.