Real Estate License Online Course


This is an excellent time to get into real estate! Properties are selling fast, and new agents are often closing deals within weeks of starting out.

But is Real Estate right for YOU? It’s easier than ever to find out. With our Online Course, you can start today – from the convenience of your home or office – totally risk-free!

The Chicago Real Estate School is one of the only schools in Illinois to offer a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. Try the full course, no restrictions. If you find that it’s not what you’re looking for, we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked, within the first 7 days!

And to make it easy to start, we offer a payment plan that only requires $199 down. (The full two-part course is just $599.) So for $199, and with no risk, you can get started today! Click here to register!

Here are the details on the course…

The 75-hour Broker Pre-license Online Course has two parts. Part I is Self-study, and Part II is the Applied Measurement Course. If you are a self-starter and like the convenience of fitting learning into your busy schedule, this is a great way to prepare for the state test.

For Part I, you’ll get immediate access to our all-new self-study course. The course consists of 16 chapters, each of which has text to study, a review video, and an interactive quiz. It’s entirely “on-demand”: you can access it any time that is convenient for you (day or night), and you’ll complete it at your own pace (no time limit, unlike many other schools). You can access the course on any device with a web browser – desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Whenever you have questions, our experienced staff can be reached via online messaging or phone call. It’s not necessary to spend a specific amount of time on Part I of the course – the state recommends that you allow approximately 60 hours to master the material.

Once you have completed Part I, you’ll register for Part II, the 15-hour Review Sessions, that best fits your schedule – delivered via classroom sessions, or Online Webinars. This will be a review of the material that you learned on your own, with special emphasis on areas that often give students difficulty on the state test, plus intensive practice on math concepts, and real-world examples from our experienced instructors.

Your registration fee for Part I ($449 – payment plans available) includes the hardcopy textbook, which can be picked up from one of our branches, or mailed to you at no extra charge. You do not need to register for Part II ($150) until you are ready to attend the class, and there are no further costs associated with the 75-hour Broker Pre-license Course.

You’ll be able to access the course via any web browser – PC or Mac, desktop or mobile, no special software required. Your login can be used on more than one device, so you can jump back and forth between your home computer and your phone or tablet. You will need sound enabled, so that you can hear the videos, but you don’t need a camera or microphone. Cick on the video below for an inside look at our Self-study course, and when you’re ready to register, just click here!