• What do I have to do, in order to renew my license? You must complete the 30-hour Post-license Course, and pay for renewal of your license with IDFPR. That’s it.
  • What happens after my last webinar? We will report your course completion on the same day as your fourth and final Webinar, and send you an email indicating that we’ve done so. You are not required to wait for that email – you may renew as soon as you’ve completed your fourth Webinar.
  • Do I need a Transcript? NO, your course completion is reported via an online portal, directly to AMP/IDFPR. However, if you have a special circumstance that requires one, please email [email protected] and we’ll email one to you by end-of-day Monday.
  • Do you need my license number, to report my course completion? NO, we retrieve your record based on your name. If we have any trouble identifying you, we will contact you immediately via email.
  • Are there any tests at all? NO. The quizzes in Part I (self-study) are completely optional. Once you’ve completed Part I and Part II, your course is done.
  • Is the time for Part I (self-study) tracked, or do I have to go through every page? NO, we do not track time, nor whether you have “marked” each module as completed. It’s up to you to study the material on your own time.
  • What if I haven’t completed Part I, the 15 hours of self-study? You may take the Webinars even though you haven’t completed Part I. While you are expected to complete the 15 hours of self-study by Monday night, April 30th, but we do not track your completion. The 15 hour webinar portion is the only portion where your time is tracked.
  • How do I reschedule a webinar? Just click here:
  • Where do I go to renew my license? Just click here:
  • What if I can’t finish all of the Webinars by Monday night? We may have additional Webinars after April 30th. Please email [email protected] to be added to the notification list.