90-hour Pre-license Broker Course: 5-week
Des Plaines (2500 Devon Ave #20)
Feb 25 – Mar 27
Mon & Wed, 9:00AM – 12:30PM


See course details, instructor reviews, and FAQs below. Click on the package information matrix (the image to the left) to see what’s included in each package. Then when you’re ready, just select your preferred package from the drop-down, and Register.

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This class meets on Monday and Wednesday mornings, from 9 AM to 12:30 PM, for five weeks, at our Des Plaines location (2500 Devon Ave #20).

The scheduled instructor is Vick Valenti – here’s what students say about Vick:

I want to work for Vic. He’s that good. We students don’t deserve Vic Valenti. Great guy. Made the class fun. He could turn a chimp into a phenomenal real estate agent. That’s how detailed and patient this man is. Vic is amazing. Don’t let him go. He made the class what it was. The guy has TONS of useful knowledge but has a good sense of humor to where you don’t take things too serious but not too lightly either.
Leo Arias
Vic, is a great instructor and very knowledgeable. Additionally, because Real Estate is a complex subject to follow, Vic made it interesting and easier to follow. He was very knowledgeable in the industry, it came through in his teaching methods. I appreciated the timeliness to responses, correspondence, questions, etc.
Janett Ortiz
My experience with the Chicago Real Estate School was the best experience ever. I had the pleasure of being taught by Vic. Not only did Vic make learning enjoyable, he made learning retainable which was very important to me. He made sure not to move on until we ALL clearly understood what was being taught. I was actually excited to go to class! I also love the support you receive from the staff of CRES! You can tell that this school is a labor of love and not just a place to collect your money and give you a book. Everyone actually cares about your success and your future in Real Estate! I look forward to passing my state exam with confidence this coming week!
Nichelle Nicole


Frequently Asked Questions:

Are there any other classes required in order to get my license?

No, the 90-hour Pre-license Broker Course is the only class required by the state, in order to test for your Illinois Real Estate License.

What is included in the price?

All 3 packages include tuition, textbook, and transcript. There are no other costs associated with taking the course.

Is parking available?

Yes, thDevon Ave location has a free parking lot located next to the building.

How many hours do I spend in the classroom?

You’ll spend 35 of the 90 hours in the classroom, with the balance done as self-study. The self-study time is not tracked – you’ll only spend whatever time it takes to master the material.

What if I can’t make all of the class sessions?

Since the State of Illinois only requires 15 hours of classroom time, you can miss days without any penalty. If you choose the Silver or Platinum package, you’ll have access to excellent video reviews of each of the 16 chapters of the course, or you may attend a comparable class in another course session (sometimes at a different location).

What is your refund policy?

First, if life events get in the way of completing your course, we’re happy to switch you to a later course session at no additional charge (many other schools charge a fee for this). But if you need to cancel, just contact us more than 7 days before your first class session, and we’ll provide a full refund.

What kind of guarantee do you offer?

Once you obtain your Real Estate license, we guarantee that you’ll receive at least one job offer from an area Real Estate agency, or we’ll refund your entire registration fee. Most of our students receive multiple offers from a variety of agencies, whether they’re seeking part-time or full-time positions

Can I pay with cash or check in person?

We accept cash (no checks) at all of our locations, for the full cost of registration. If you prefer a payment plan, you’ll need to use a credit/debit card for automatic payments.