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Note: this page is current as of Friday, June 2nd, 2023


Buy low and sell high. It’s a lot easier if you’re not paying 3% in commissions to a Real Estate agent!

Getting a Broker’s license not only allows you to hang onto a few thousand dollars in each transaction, it ensures that you’ll have representation by someone who is truly looking out for your best interests – yourself! By learning about laws and regulations, mortgages and appraisals, environmental issues, fair housing, and more, you’ll be in an excellent position to protect yourself and maximize the return on your significant investment.

By Illinois law, you’ll need to have a Sponsoring Broker who maintains compliance with the Illinois Real Estate License Act. Through your Sponsoring Broker, you’ll gain access to the Multiple Listing Service, and other important administrative functions. Once you’ve been an active Broker for at least two years, you can get your Managing Broker license and work independently.

We’ll help you identify a Sponsoring Broker who understands your needs as a Real Estate investor. And if you happen to know people who are looking to buy or sell residential or commercial real estate, your Broker’s license can provide a nice additional income stream by representing them. Find out more about our class formats by clicking here!

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