CRES is open for business!


We have re-opened our classrooms, so we have two options for pursuing your Real Estate License:

(1) our All-Online Course – self-study, followed by 4 Webinar review sessions with a live instructor, described here.

(2) our innovative “Flex Option Course” – 10 instructor-led Webinars or Classroom Sessions, plus studying on your own – see the details here!

Wondering which is right for you? Click “play” on the video below…

Our Webinars are currently Tues & Thurs, but we have other options in our Flex Option Course. [link to flex course tree]

The license you'd need is a Leasing Agent license, and we don't offer that course. You can see schools that do, by going to Google and typing "Illinois leasing agent course". We encourage you to consider becoming a real estate agent instead - you can see the details here.