So you’re still thinking about a career in Real Estate, right? We’re glad you decided to give us another look! You probably have lots of questions, and we have the answers you need…

Can I really do this?

We haven’t met yet, but if you’re like the 90% of our students who pass the state exam on the first try, then the only thing standing between you and your goal is some good old-fashioned hard work.

What’s the difference between an Agent and a Broker?

Illinois has different definitions for these terms from the rest of the country. In 2011, Illinois discontinued the use of the term “Agent”, and replaced it with “Broker”. They also changed “Brokers” to “Managing Brokers”. So if you want to be what most people refer to as a “Real Estate Agent”, the license you’ll need is called a Broker License. After you’ve had your Broker License for 2 years, you may apply for a Managing Broker License.

Is this the right school for me?

If you search Google for reviews of real estate schools in Chicago, you’ll see hundreds of testimonials from actual Chicago Real Estate School students – we’ll let them answer that question.

Can I get the course cheaper somewhere else?

Yep! But think about it… what good is it to save $100, if you don’t end up passing the state exam? We’re not a Real Estate Agency who does classes on the side – this is all we do, so our survival depends on your success.

What if I can’t afford $599 all at once?

We have a Payment Plan – click here for details! Many of our students do make use of our Payment Plan.

When is the next class beginning?

First, you’ll need to choose between Online and Classroom courses. The Online Course is self-paced, so you can begin as soon as you make the initial payment! Our website contains a complete schedule of our Classroom Courses – note that we have four locations, and we offer the class as an “Accelerated” or a “5-week” program. It’s 10 sessions either way – the Accelerated class meets each weekday for 2 weeks, while the 5-week class meets twice per week (or all day Saturday) for five weeks.

Do you help with job placement?

Absolutely! We have relationships with a number of agencies who will offer you a position as soon as you’ve passed the state exam – in fact, we offer a money-back guarantee that you’ll get at least one job offer!

What’s my next step?

Get signed up! Just go to our Online Course page or our Classroom Course page, click on the “Register” button, and you’re on your way to the Flexibility, Opportunity, and Independence you’ve been dreaming of!

Feel free to chat with us online (using the LiveChat button at the bottom of every page of the site), or call or text us at 773-647-1830 (our extended hours are listed at the bottom of the page). You can also email us at [email protected], and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. Finally, if you’d like to receive our brochure, just fill out the form at the bottom of the page. We look forward to having you join us soon!