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Passing the Illinois Real Estate Exam just got easier!
Chicago Real Estate School is the ONLY school in Illinois offering
the entire course textbook in audio format!

Turn Your Spare Time Into Study Time

Stop and think for a moment: how much time each day do you spend commuting, exercising, waiting in line, walking the dog, or doing other mindless activities? Wouldn’t it be great to spend that time learning about real estate instead?

Complete And Convenient!

Our audiobook is the complete, unabridged content of our printed textbook (which you’ll also receive, of course!) That’s over 15 hours of audio! The content is updated every time we publish a new version of the textbook. It can be played on any device with a web browser – use your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Use Research-based Learning Strategies

The information you need to know for the state exam isn’t all that complex. There’s just a LOT of it! Research has shown that repetition is essential to long-term memory development. So you can either read the book over and over (how fun!) or read AND listen to the material. Your access to the audiobook will not expire, so you can keep listening right up to the moment you walk into the exam.

How Does It Work?

The high-quality recordings are broken up into small segments, to aid with concentration. You can stop and start as often as you wish, and there’s nothing to download, so it won’t take up storage space on your phone!

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