Are you considering taking real estate classes online to be licensed to sell real estate in Illinois, and wondering whether you’d have to attend some classes in-person? 

Our Online Self-Study Course consists of reading text, watching video presentations, and taking quizzes, followed by 15 hours of review via Zoom with a live instructor. The Webinars happen over a two-week period.

Our Hybrid Course is 35 hours of online or in-person classroom sessions, where a live instructor leads you through the material. You’ll still need to put in time studying, of course, but you’ll get more direction and accountability from the instructor. 

The courses cover the same material, so once you’ve completed either course, you’re prepared to take the Illinois Real Estate Exam. The Real Estate Exam is offered at various locations throughout the state, as well as online.

Feel free to contact us by email, text, or LiveChat at the bottom of the page – we’re here to help!

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