Curious about what it costs to get your real estate license? You might be surprised to hear that the total cost is well under a thousand dollars. I’ll give you the details in a moment, including info on our payment plan, and a limited-time offer of a money-back guarantee.

First, a brief word about cost versus investment. You’ll see a range of prices at different real estate schools. But no matter what you spend up front, you’re going to get your entire educational investment back on your very first deal, in almost every case. However, if you can’t pass the real estate exam, because of a poor-quality education, then it doesn’t matter how cheap the classes were.

At The Chicago Real Estate School, you have two options: our all-online course, or our flex option course. Both prepare you for the license exam, the Live Course is $599 and the All Online Course is $549. These prices include everything you need to help you pass the state exam: sessions with a live instructor (webinar or classroom), a hardcopy textbook, on-demand video reviews of each of the 17 chapters of the textbook, a 540-question sample exam, a 6-hour Test Prep Video Series, and the audiobook version of the textbook.

We accept credit or debit cards, and we also have a payment plan. The payment plan breaks either of those prices into three payments, for an additional $20 fee – there’s no interest charge, and no credit check is required.

Once you finish the class, the only other costs are the state fees, which are $58 for the exam itself, and $125 for the license application. So for less than $800, you’d be a licensed Real Estate Agent!

Whether you pay in full or use our payment plan, you’ll get immediate access to the entire course online. You can begin watching the on-demand videos and learning about real estate within minutes of signing up!

Now we realize that this is a major investment, and we’re living in very uncertain times. So for a limited time, we’re doing something we’ve never done before: we’re offering a money-back guarantee on either of our courses. After you register for the course, you have a full seven days to dig into it, and during that time, if you realize it’s not something you want to do after all, we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked! We won’t offer this for long, but we wanted to make it easy for you to jump in and find out if the real estate industry is right for you!

So there’s no risk, and everything to gain, by taking action right now! Just click on the links in the Description below to see our two different course options, or to find out more about our payment plans. If you’re ready to get started, there’s a link for that, too! Our website has our phone number, email address, and LiveChat. Reach out to us – we’re here to help!