staff and instructors

Kim Bates has taken a very hands-on approach to guidance and support as the Director of the Chicago Real Estate School. Kim understands the stress associated with transitioning into a new career. Kim provides training ideas prior to and during the course so that students are in a position to start building business through networking while attending class. Kim prides herself in having a school with a consistently high pass rate.

Kelly Bates started her career with the Chicago Real Estate School in the spring of 2010. Her duties include proctoring, preparing transcripts and career guidance. She enjoys meeting one on one with students to help them make the transition into Real Estate.

Vick Valenti has been a Licensed Illinois Real Estate Instructor since 2007. He is very passionate about teaching students from all walks of life the knowledge necessary to pass the state exam. Vick loves to interact with students and thoroughly enjoys the positive feedback he receives after they pass and move on with their careers.

Sam Zakarian has been a Licensed Illinois Real Estate instructor for 16 years. Sam creates a positive and exciting environment while passing on the full knowledge required to pass the Illinois state exam. Students will benefit from Sam’s extensive background and energetic style.

Frank Muldowney has been a Licensed Illinois Real Estate Instructor for over 15 years. He has served on many Illinois MLS Boards and Real Estate Associations.  Frank’s background also includes extensive experience in the commercial real estate field.  Frank continues to pursue his first love, teaching, by conducting Real Estate Pre-Licensing courses at the Chicago Real Estate School.

Michelle Sledge is a practicing Illinois real estate attorney. Michelle has been dedicated to education and the goal of lifelong learning and her teaching style allows her to share her knowledge of the law and the legal processes relating to the laws that are tested on the Illinois real estate brokerage exam. Her experience in law, litigating, brokering and teaching brings over 20 years of real-world examples into the classroom learning environment. She highly enjoys the satisfaction that comes from sharing her knowledge and helping others prepare for a rewarding career in real estate.