Please read the entire page carefully, as you’ll need to know everything on the page!

Step 1 – Sign up for the Illinois Real Estate Licensing Exam

Where do I go to sign up?
1) Click on this link: 
2) Create your student account; it will prompt you to fill out your Social Security Number, first/middle/last name, country of residence, etc.
3) After choosing a password, you will confirm your choice to create the account, it will log you in.
4) Once logged in, click on ‘View Available Tests’
5) You will select the IL Broker Examination, this will then allow you to hit the ‘Apply Now’ button
6) Fill out your information and upload your transcript. It will be split up into the 60-hour and 15-hour portions (75-Hours Total – the course you took with us); use the same transcript for both sections and enter the date on the transcript.
7) Once you submit the application, you will see it is under review in your profile, once it is approved you will be able to schedule it from the same place. 
8) For further instructions or to view the PDF example, please click on the link: 
How do I schedule my exam?

To schedule your exam, please go to this website:

Do I need my transcript to take the state exam?

Yes, you will need your transcript when registering for the state licensing exam and once you have found a sponsoring broker. You can request your transcript at any time here –

Do you have an exam for us to practice with, before taking the state/national exam?

Absolutely! On top of the large number of practice questions available to you in your online materials, we have an entire sample exam for you to take. On January 1st, 2018 IDFPR changed their requirement and students no longer have to complete a Pre-License class exam. CRES still believes that it is important that all students practice before taking the licensing exam so we have taken all course questions and put them into the Sample Exam, which randomly generates a new set of questions each time you take it in your Online Dashboard. Just like the State Exam, you will never get the same Sample Exam twice.

Step 2 – Once you’ve passed the licensing exam, find a sponsoring broker!

I don’t know where to start, does CRES help me find a sponsoring broker?

Yes we do! If you would like help finding a sponsoring broker, email [email protected].

My sponsoring broker says I need a transcript. How do I get that?

You can request your transcript at any time here –

My sponsoring broker says I need an original transcript with a raised seal.

A few years ago IDFPR changed the regulations and now all broker transcripts are online. The transcript you will be getting from us is emailed. From there you can email it directly to your sponsoring broker. All transcripts and paperwork for your license are submitted online. The state no longer needs a transcript with an embossed (raised) seal.

Step 3 – Start your new career!

Once you sign with a Sponsoring Broker, you are a fully licensed broker and you can start selling!

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