Multiple Choice Questions
The questions on the exam for the Illinois Real Estate Broker License are multiple-choice. This is an advantage for the person taking the exam because the answer is provided for each question. As a result, reasonably intense study will provide enough familiarity with this material to answer a large number of questions without having to commit all the material to memory. The answer will be available in the list of possible answers.

Tests knowledge of definitions, the meaning of words and phrases used in Real Estate. This material has to be memorized. Shortlists are prime targets for this type of question, so they should be memorized. Definitions of concepts that can result in a single word or phrase answer are also prime targets. These questions should be answered in the first read-through of the state exam.

These are more complicated questions. They involve relating several concepts to come up with an answer. They should be done only in the second or third read-through of the state exam. They should be read slowly and carefully when answering the questions at the end of each chapter of this book and while taking the state exam.

They will take a word or phrase and ask where it is used, or how it is used in real estate transactions. They may also ask where the concept is carried out in real-life.

Common Traps
Many students read the questions too quickly and do not notice some keywords which change the meaning of the question radically. Here are a few examples:

      • Except
      • Not
      • Several answers seem alike, but only a word or two differentiate them.
      • Best Answer — several answers seem to be applicable, but one is the best
      • Which is True?
      • Which is False?
      • “Which of the following is TRUE?” means there are three wrong answers and one true answer.
      • What is the difference?
      • What do they have in common?
      • Most Likely

In all of these situations, it takes a careful and slow reading of the question to spot the traps or items that have to be taken into consideration, which are not apparent in a quick reading of the question. These questions should never be answered in the first sweep through the exam.

The state broker exam is designed for the average person to pass.

The state spends considerable time developing questions that are not too hard or too simple. Some questions do not count toward your score but are being evaluated for use in future exams. Since there is no way to know which questions are not counted, it’s important to answer every question on the exam.