Class Topics

WHAT subject areas are covered in the class?

Due to the excellent instruction provided by CRES in thoroughly covering all topics pertaining to the Illinois guidelines, students can expect a successful result on the state exam. The topics covered during your class are as follows:

Chapter 1: Introduction to Real Estate and Real Property 

Chapter 2: Ownership, Interests, and Encumbrances

Chapter 3: Land-Use Controls

Chapter 4: Legal Description of Land

Chapter 5: Liens

Chapter 6: Real Estate Financing

Chapter 7: Real Estate Appraisal

Chapter 8: Environmental Issues

Chapter 9: Title Transfer and Records

Chapter 10: Real Estate Closings

Chapter 11: Real Estate Agency

Chapter 12: Contract Law

Chapter 13: Real Estate Brokerage Operations and Agreements

Chapter 14: Fair Housing

Chapter 15: Property Management and Leasing

Chapter 16: Illinois Real Estate Licensing Law

Chapter 17: General Math Problem Categories

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