class topics

WHAT subject areas are covered in the class?

Due to the excellent instruction provided by CRES in thoroughly covering all topics pertaining to the Illinois guidelines, students can expect a successful result on the state exam. The topics covered during your class are as follows:

Deeds and Ownership: This discusses the different forms of ownership of single family homes, condos, and timeshares.

Land use: This topic covers restrictions, variances, and explains the Land Sales Full Disclosure Act

Land Descriptions: These provide an explanation of the different ways properties are surveyed

Financing: This details the various types of mortgages on residential and commercial property available to consumers

Appraisal: Explanation of the Appraisal process, approaches to value, and depreciation

Environmental Issues: This area focuses on issues with lead based paint, radon, and other potentially hazardous conditions

Title: The means of titling property, types of deeds and proof of ownership

Agency: This pertains to the fiduciary duties a Broker has to their client, customer obligations, and dual agency

Contracts: This involves the creation of a contract and the different types of contracts

Brokerage: This session targets listing agreements, buyer agency agreements, and consumer protection

Fair Housing: This deals with protected classes, advertising, discrimination, and the enforcement of various fair housing laws

Property Management: Here you’ll learn all about the different types of leases and agreements

Illinois Law: This includes state regulations, the enforcement of licensing laws, requirements of licensees, escrow funds, and disciplinary provisions