Ever wonder how hard it is, to get an Illinois Real Estate license? People say that you can make great money as a real estate agent, but have you ever really considered whether YOU could do it? You can take real estate classes online available by an accredited school such as the Chicago Real Estate School

What’s the Process to getting a Real Estate License?

The process is actually very straightforward – you need to pass a course, pass the state exam, and get your license.

Is It Hard To Get A Passing Score On The Real Estate Exam?

You’re probably wondering how hard it is to get a passing score, in the course and on the test. We really can’t answer that, since everyone learns differently. But if you’d like to see what the exam questions are like, these are 3 sample questions:

1. Which of the following best defines the “law of agency”?

(a) The selling of another’s property by an authorized agent
(b) The rules of law that apply to the responsibilities of a person who acts for another
(c) The principles that govern one’s conduct in business
(d) The rules and regulations of the state’s licensing agency

2. Upon discovering a latent defect in the property, the licensee should discuss the problem with the seller and then:

(a) Notify the seller that the defect must be repaired
(b) Arrange for the repairs himself or herself
(c) Inform any prospective buyers of the defect
(d) Contact the city building inspector about the defect

3. An owner of a house wants to carpet 2 rooms. Each room measures 15’ x 18’. The cost of the carpeting is $21 per square yard. How much did the carpeting cost?

(a) $810
(b) $1,260
(c) $2,280
(d) $3,780

The answers are here!

The fact is that most people underestimate the state exam. The main reason is that they underestimate the challenge. It does take work! The key to success is repetition – reading, watching videos, taking practice quizzes, and listening to an audiobook. Make sure whichever real estate school you choose, offers all of these study aids – which, of course, the Chicago Real Estate School does!

Don’t forget to try the sample questions below, then check out our other videos. Feel free to contact us at the Chicago Real Estate School with any questions you may have. We’re here to help!

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